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COVID-19 Info

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As of June 1, 2018, the neighborhood organization known as Western Hills Property Owners Association officially no longer exists.


This is now a private website and has been renamed Western Hills Property Owners Alliance. It belongs to a resident of the Western Hills neighborhood and the sole purpose of this site is to provide residents with information that is helpful and entertaining. 

Sedona Community Farmers Market

"The market is currently closed until further notice.   We have closed our online store and fresh market box pick up / drive through.  We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to seeing you again at the market as time moves ahead."

Good Neighbor Policy

June 01, 2018

Here's a list of Good Neighbor Practices that all residents of Western Hills should follow in order to keep our neighborhood looking nice and our property values up.


Click below to download the Good Neighbor Practices.

New Homes in Western Hills

May 31, 2018

Right now, there are three new homes getting ready to go up in Western Hills.  It's always fun to watch the progress.

In 2003, I decided to document the construction of a new home that was going up behind ours.  Every day, I went up to our roof deck and took photographs.  When our new neighbors moved in, I presented them with a disc that contained all of the photos.   
With all of the new homes going up around us, I decided to create a video that shows all the steps that are in involved in building a new home.  I used photos from the 2003 project.

Hope you enjoy this!

Cooper's Hawk Chick Rescued & Thriving in Western Hills

September 13, 2017

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 5, 2017, a Western Hills resident noticed that a young Copper's Hawk was sitting in a bush for many hours.  As day was turning into evening, the resident contacted the Sedona Police Department, who in turn contacted Game and Fish Officer, Lee Luedecker.  With the help of 3 police officers, Lee Luedecker climbed high into the pine tree that contained a nest, hoisted up a bag in which the large chick was placed, and safely returned the little guy/gal to the nest.  Hoppy & Leslie Menninger, who live across the street, have been keeping a close watch on this fledgling hawk and documenting the hawk's progress with photos and videos.  They are happy to report that mom & dad hawk have been very attentive and feeding their little one many hearty meals.  Leslie named the fledgling, Chawklet; from the "C" in Cooper's plus hawklet.  Yesterday, just one week after the rescue, the Menningers proudly witnessed Chawklet flying from the tree with the nest to a tree that stands on the opposite side of the property.  Check out the photos by clicking the link below.

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